About Us

Jocelyn’s Story

With a keen eye for spotting the latest trends, Jocelyn discovered her passion for fashion at a very young age. Her desire to make women feel beautiful–helping them see they are valuable no matter their circumstances–made a career in bridal and prom the perfect fit!

Starting at the age of three watching TLC Four Weddings and other wedding shows we knew bridal was in her blood. Drawing sketches of wedding and formal dresses in elementary school and even a mock drawing of her own store owning a bridal and prom store was her destiny. Jocelyn and her friends would play at recess that she owned a store and its name was Jocelyn Taylor. When it came to naming the store she knew it had to be Jocelyn Taylor Bridal and Prom. Be sure to check out her drawings now displayed in the store!

Her mom, Deb, had the same vision and was Jocelyn’s biggest supporter. Together, they learned everything they could about the bridal industry. They decided to use their business to help as many women as possible through volunteerism and charitable giving, both locally and globally.

Deb’s Story

Deb has always had a passion for helping women and connecting with them on a personal level. After 25 years of working in healthcare with mammography as her primary focus, Deb was ready for a change of pace but not ready to give up opportunities to connect with women. 

Deb’s work experience not only taught her vital skills in customer service, attention to detail, and an ability to truly listen but also taught her compassion for women in the most stressful and emotional circumstances. 

She truly believes her ability to connect with women combined with Jocelyn’s passion to impact the lives of young ladies creates a dynamic duo.

Together, Jocelyn and Deb desire to not just run a retail business but to be the light in a world full of darkness, positively impacting all who enter through their doors and making connections that last a lifetime.

Deb Steenblock
Jocelyn and Deb

Our Story

So much more than a retail store

Ever since Jocelyn was a little girl she has been highly compassionate with an incredible empathy towards others, always willing to serve others above her own needs.

As she grew up, we realized God has blessed her with a heart’s desire to positively impact the lives of young women.

As parents we do all we can do for our children. We protect them, provide and care for them.  We love them with every ounce of our beings, nurturing them both physically and spiritually, but as much as we want to, we can’t prevent the hurts of the world from invading their lives.

The last three years have brought some incredible challenges our way, and as a mom I would have done anything to prevent the pains and heartaches that have occurred through the storms.

One challenge changed our lives forever: one of Jocelyn’s dear friends took her life during her junior year of high school. I do believe these trials have equipped Jocelyn with a strength she would not have had otherwise. She has an increased love for people and an ability to relate to the heartache and challenges of others.

Her own personal challenges increased her drive to impact the lives of young women. If one girl sees herself loved and valued and chooses life, then in the end it is all worth it.

With that being said, she cannot do it alone so I am taking a huge leap of faith and I will be working alongside her as her biggest cheerleader and more importantly prayer warrior!

We feel incredibly blessed to open these doors. We are excited to not only invite you to our store, but invite you into our lives! Let the journey begin…



Upon entering our store, you will be greeted by one of our stylists. We will take a few minutes to get to know you and discuss the wedding of your dreams, from the venue to the reception. Knowing your vision will help us create the look that will compliment your perfect day. 

Your exclusive one-on-one consultation with your personal bridal stylist will help you create the perfect bridal look all in one place. Each of our one-of-a-kind brides receives high-quality service as you create your perfectly personalized look and enjoy a customized shopping experience. 

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